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"If you're visting Las Vegas, NV, make absolutey sure you visit the magnificient Grand Canyon Skywalk..."

Hi, I'm Keith Kravitz, a consumer travel writer, and I'm here to tell you that The Grand Canyon Skywalk is absolutely one of the most fantastic day trips from Las Vegas. The Glass Bridge (as it’s referred to by locals) suspends you nearly 4,000 feet above the Colorado River while providing you with magnificent views of the Grand Canyon that you’ll remember for a lifetime...

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Want the BEST Sky Bridge Tour Deal?

Look No Further. It's Grand Canyon Coaches. Delivering the most bang for your travel buck...since 2005!

I’ve spent countless hours searching for the best Grand Canyon Skywalk tour from Las Vegas. My efforts resulted in a select group of operators who met my standards for excellence. I then booked tours on each and evaluated everything from the price and the luxury bus to driver experience and time spent at the Canyon...

Hand’s down, Grand Canyon Coaches was my top choice. Here's what they offer that the others CAN'T & WILL NOT match:

No centralized check-in terminal. The tour bus picks you up at your hotel.

Hotel pick-up time is one hour later than other tours so you can hit the snooze button on the alarm a couple of times without missing the bus

Tour returns to the Las Vegas one hour earlier than any other tours so you can get dressed up and hit The Strip

No added fuel charges

No extra Grand Canyon West park fees

Total all-inclusive price is $114 (includes all taxes) and not one penny more (please note that Skywalk tickets are additional)

In addition to these exclusive benefits, a Paradise Found tour to the Skywalk includes photo stops at Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, as well as spectacular Eagle Point, Guano Point, and much more. Plus, you get 2.5 hours to explore Grand Canyon West – the most in the industry! Look no further: This is the best bus tour package on the Internet. Period.

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But don't take my word for it. People just like you are RAVING about Grand Canyon Coaches. Here's what they are saying...

Testimonial #1:

"My wife and I have been visiting Las Vegas every year for more than 20 years and yet we'd never done the Skywalk. I think we got it stuck in our heads that it was too far. Not so. Grand Canyon Coaches made it a walk in the park. They picked us up at our hotel and had us on the Bridge in no time. The trip was an absolute delight!"

~ Bart & Celine K, Cedar Rapids, IA

Testimonial #2:

"I was in charge of putting together a Vegas reunion for a group of guys I served with in the Gulf. I had a list of attractions a mile long. We did them all but the one that still has us all talking is the Skywalk. It puts you face to face with the Canyon in so many unexpected ways. Be prepared to be surprised!"

~ Greg J, Lubbock, TX

Testimonial #3:

"Thank you for reviewing Grand Canyon Coaches. I'm German and I booked my tour on the Internet. The site was easy to understand and I got a great deal. The staff was incredible - they even helped me get my luggage from the airport! The driver let us sit behind him and he made sure we saw everything en route to the Bridge. Two thumbs up for this company!."

~ Hans G, Deustchland

Testimonial #4:

"Better than Disneyland! Loved it. Took my girl and we had a blast doing the Canyon and the Bridge in the same day. I had a bit of a fit not being able to bring my camera. But the photog there did a knockout job! It was so peaceful hanging out at the end of the Bridge. I was in no rush to hit The Strip and park myself at the blackjack tables."

~ Kurt & Lacey X, Hollywood, CA

Testimonial #5:

"I had one mission in Vegas: Propose to my girlfriend. I just didn't know where? I thought about the Bellagio fountains, the Paris Tower, and the Wynn water wall. Nothing bowled me over until I saw a picture of the Skywalk. That was it. Knew I had to get on bended knee there. Told the folks at Grand canyon Coaches and they had a blast keeping my big secret!"

~ Aaron & Tina P, Trenton, NJ

Testimonial #6:

"I've seen the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the St. Louis Arch. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is right up there with them. It's a miraculous structure that transports you into a Canyon that took Mother Nature millions of years to create. One word sums up my feeling for the place: Breathtaking!"

~ Cherie Q, Walla Walla, WA

Testimonial #7:

"I thought it would be like pulling teeth to get the kids out of Circus Circus. That changed when they saw the luxury bus. I considered the South Rim but I have kids and the Skywalk's only several hours away. It was a good choice. The kids went bonkers for the place. I had to bribe them off the Bridge with Indian Fry Bread (delicious!)."

~ The Hornsby Family, Vancouver, BC

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The Grand Canyon Skywalk is 120 miles east of Las Vegas. It takes approximately 2.5 to reach by bus. The Skywalk’s glass pathway sits some 4,000 feet above the Colorado River – a height that is more than twice the size of the world’s tallest skyscraper. The structure cost $30 million dollars to build and is operated by the Hualapai Indian Tribe. More than one million people have experienced the Skywalk since it opened to the public in 2007. The Skywalk is nestled in an area dubbed Grand Canyon West, and is the only place where you can book a helicopter ride a to the bottom.


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