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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Earlier I posted an article about Grand Canyon bus tour that came with helicopter and boat. Since then, I've received numerous emails asking for information about helicopter rides. Here's an article that will give you a solid introduction to these air tours.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Flights depart daily throughout the day. Vegas travelers will fly to the West Rim. South Rim from Las Vegas requires that you book a bus or airplane package. South Rim tours start from Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, the small town that's 10 minutes from the main gates of the National Park. Helicopter flights are only permitted at these two rims. Let's take a closer look at what's available at each:

grand canyon helicopter tours

West Rim Tours

This rim is some 120 miles from Las Vegas. Flight path goes over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and Grand Cliffs Wash before you enter Grand Canyon airspace. Here are the West Rim's most popular air tours:

  1. Air Only. Trip duration is 3 hours. Perfect for travelers who want to quickly sample the canyon.

  2. Landing tour with Champagne picnic. Descends 4,000 feet to the base. Champagne toast. Explore surrounding area.

  3. Landing tour with Las Vegas Strip. Go to the bottom and fly back over the world's most famous skyline.

  4. Landing tour with boat and Skywalk. Bottom descent. Smooth-water float tour down the Colorado River. Tickets to the glass bridge. This is my #1 pick.

South Rim Tours

This rim is 277 miles away from Vegas and a 5-hour road trip from Phoenix. This is the quintessential canyon experience. Here are this rim's best air tours:

From Grand Canyon Airport

  1. Air only. Fly over Kaibab forest. Enter the Dragoon Corridor, the widest, deepest part of the canyon. Turn back at the North Rim.

  2. Deluxe air only. Upgrade to an EcoStar 130, a helicopter that comes with 25 percent more cabin room and theater-style seating. Do this one if you've got the budget.

From Las Vegas

  1. South Rim bus and helicopter. Board luxury coach for 5.5-hour ride to National Park. Transfer to helicopter. Fly rim-to-rim.

  2. South Rim airplane with helicopter and bus. 45-minute airplane flight to the rim. Transfer to helicopter. Go rim-to-rim. Take bus into National Park. Sunset airplane flight back to Vegas.

grand canyon helicopter tours

How to Book a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

I tell family and friends to always take a morning flight. The visibility is better and the air is smoother. This doesn't apply to Vegas travelers doing the bus/helicopter or the airplane/helicopter tours.

It's impossible to choose where you sit. Helicopter seating assignments are based on weight distribution. Consider yourself lucky if you get to sit next to the pilot. In actuality, all seats on a chopper are best in the house.

Don't pay full retail for these tours. Shop the Internet. I personally have saved up to 35 % on select air tours. Reserving in advance also cuts the cost. I suggest at least one week prior to flying. Even more if you want a morning or sunset ride.

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