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Greetings, I'm Keith Kravitz, a consumer travel writer, and I'm here to tell you that the The Grand Canyon Skywalk is absolutely one of the most fantastic day trips from Las Vegas. The Glass Bridge (as it's referred to by locals) suspends you nearly 4,000 feet above the Colorado River while providing you with magnificent views of the Grand Canyon that you'll remember for a lifetime...


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Want the BEST Grand Canyon Tour Deals?

Look No Further. It's Grand Canyon Coaches. Delivering the most bang for your travel buck...for more than a decade!

Grand Canyon Coaches is my #1 pick for bus tour to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. The value of their trips can't be beat. I've shopped the Internet and they consistently lead the market in price without sacrificing quality.

Their fleet of luxury motorcoaches define comfort: Plush, full-size seats; climate-controlled cabins (a definite must-have in the desert); plasma TV's; "silent-ride" hydraulics; crystal-clear audio; and showroom-like lavatories.

Grand Canyon Coaches as a spotless safety record. Each bus is inspected daily before departure, and subject to regular maintenance. Drivers are rigoursly screened prior to coming on board, then enrolled in training, wherein they emerge as some of the best tour guides in the business.

There's a number of benefits for travelers who book with Grand Canyon Coaches. One is variety of upgrades they offer (helicopter, boat, etc.). Few can can compete. The other benefit is their website: If you book online, you can save between 25% to 45% off the retail price!

Here are the most popular Grand Canyon bus tour packages:

Grand Canyon South Rim
The South Rim is described by many as the "quintessential" Canyon experience. It's here that you get all the views that grace coffee-table books and magazines: Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station, Bright Angle Trail, South Kaibab Trail, and more. Follows same route as West Rim (Lake Mead, Hoover Dam), but continue on an additional three hours. This is an all-day trip but SO worth it. Book It!

Grand Canyon West Rim (Skywalk)
The West Rim of the Canyon is only 2.5 hours east of Las Vegas. Getting their, you skirt Lake Mead, cross Hoover Dam (photo stop on Arizona side), then head into Canyon country, where you'll pass through a Joshua Tree forest, Eagle Point, Hualapai Ranch, and the miraculous Skywalk, which has been experienced by more than a million visitors since it opened in 2007! Book It!

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Grand Canyon Coaches specializes in tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Trips include the South Rim and the West Rim, home of the fabulous Skywalk, otherwise know as the Glass Bridge. Grand Canyon West, which features the Skywalk, is located a mere 2.5 hours from Sin City, while the South Rim, the crown jewel of the National Park, is 5.5 hours one way. Both trips are a full day, and include pick up and drop off at your Las Vegas hotel. In addition, you'll also see Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, the Mojave Desert, and Kaibab National Forest. Click here for complete Grand Canyon tour information.


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