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Grand Canyon Bus Tour With Helicopter And Boat

Grand Canyon Bus Tour With Helicopter & Boat
The Most Complete Canyon Tour Ever!

Are you the type who leaves no rock unturned? Who wants to experience everything from top to bottom? Who wants to embrace everything from head to toe? Hi, I'm travel writer Keith Kravitz. If you're looking for a Grand Canyon tour that has it all, then let me introduce the one that combines air, water, and land into one fabulous package.

The 3-in-1 Grand Canyon Tour

I don't think there's an official name for this tour. I've heard it described as "the best," the "most comprehensive," and the "most complete." And it is. Right from the start, this trip comes out smokin' hot. Here's a quick look:

Pick up is by luxury bus at your Las Vegas Strip hotel. Usually between 7 and 7:30 a.m. Exit Vegas and cross the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. The good tours include a Hoover Dam photo stop. Then it's a straight shot to the canyon.

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Grand Canyon West

The part of the canyon you'll explore is the West Rim. Make sure your seatbelts are on when you turn from the paved goodness of I-95 to the 10-mile piece of dirt road that takes you to the rim. The Hualapai Indians own and manage this 9,000-acre parcel. Right now, the area is home to a new landing strip, heliport, and gift shop facility. Future plans include accommodations, a museum, movie theater, restaurants, and more.

The Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

Now you disembark from the motor coach and transfer to a helicopter. Most likely you'll be onboard an EcoStar 130. These are the best choppers on the planet. They feature massive amounts of legroom and huge wraparound windshields. The benefits of these enhancements will become clear when you start your 4,000-foot descent to the bottom.

Get the camera out. It's a 10-minute flight downward through 3 eras of geological time. The surreal landscape is punctuated by twisted spires, crumbling buttes, and secret mini-canyons. Some of the oldest exposed rock on the planet exists here. The chopper will alight on a private dirt-landing pad and then its time to cheers your adventure with Champagne!

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Rafting the Grand Canyon

The pilot-guide now escorts you upstream to where the expedition-class pontoon boats are docked. These are not simple inflatable. They're giant and an can easily tame grade 4 rapids. That said, there are no rapids on this part of the Colorado River, which is why they call this trip a "smooth-water float tour." Kids 3 yrs of age and up can do it. The boat shoves off. For the next 15 minutes, it's you, your watercraft, and the incredibly steep canyon walls.

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Atop The West Rim

The helicopter ascent brings you back to your luxury bus. In most cases, it's lunchtime, and you'll enjoy a home-cooked BBQ lunch prepared by the Hualapai. Strolling the rim is an option, too. Board the luxury bus for trip back to Las Vegas. This is also your chance to get a second look at Lake Mead or Hoover Dam.

A Day of Grand Canyon Awesomeness

There are several big differences between the two rims. Here's number one

I give this Grand Canyon bus tour with Helicopter and Boat two thumbs up. It is by far the most comprehensive canyon tour out there. It's also one that can be enjoyed by travelers of all ages. Do this trip and you will have literally seen the canyon from top to the bottom.

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