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Dollar for Dollar, the Grand Canyon is the Best Deal in the Southwest...If You Book Using These Tour Bus Operators!

I've been sightseeing Grand Canyon for years. I get lots of questions from folks asking "What's the best way to experience the Grand Canyon while in Las Vegas?" Depends on your budget and time. But if you are looking for best value, that's easy: Take a luxury bus. Today's motorcoaches are state-of-the-art and make getting to the Canyon a pleasure. .

To help you get started, I've reviewed the best tour bus companies. I based my rankings on several criteria, the most important being 1) cost; 2) value; and 3) customer service. The winner? Paradise Found Bus Tours by a landslide...

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Paradise Found Tours

Paradise Found Tours (My #1 Recommendation)

  • Best price
  • Excellent customer service
  • Newest bus fleet
  • Most "add-on" trips
  • Best all-inclusive packages
  • Best safety record

Paradise Found Tours combines great tours with excellent pricing to deliver awesome value.

My #1 pick for best bus deals to the Grand Canyon is Paradise Found Tours. These guys crush the competition when it comes to prices and they don't use any marketing tricks to do it (like hiding fuel surcharges and park entrance fees). Further, Paradise Found offers price protection. So, if you book at today's rate, you will not be charged the difference if your tour price increases in the future. The company's all-inclusive packages quite literally come with everything you need to enjoy the canyon (see tour details on their website). Paradise Found bus trips are further distinguished by the fact that you get three hours at Grand Canyon National Park; a photo stop at Hoover Dam; and the choice to purchase Skywalk tickets on board the motor coach. The company, because of its relationships with multiple bus companies, is able to sell seats when other companies are sold out. Frankly, I like everything about this company, and I'm convinced that they are 100% committed to making your bus tour to the Grand Canyon affordable and fun. Read More...

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Testimonial #1:

It was a dream of ours to see the Grand Canyon. We surfed the Web for information but got buried. So much stuff out there. Message boards. Travel sites. Facebook. Got to the point that we couldn't make up our minds. Until we found your review site. We chose Paradise Found, and our trip went picture-perfect. Thanks for doing the hard work for us!

~ Jake & Sue B., Des Moines, IA

Testimonial #2:

Totally agree with you about pricing. It's zany. No rhyme or reason to it. Your review site put everything into perspective. Booking online with Paradise Found Tours saved us a fortune. Not only that, but the tour went flawlessly. We still send email to our driver. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

~ Richard S., Turlock, CA

Testimonial #3:

Thank you so much for making our family re-union so special. Our trip to the Grand Canyon was the hit of the trip. Kids, parents, grandparents, uncles...we were all went and the time of our lives. Our hats are off to Paradise Found Tours. They accommodated us to perfection. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.

~Ali Maxwell, The Maxwell Family, Austin, TX

Testimonial #4:

Paradise Found Tours delivers the goods! We were hesitant about the drive to the South Rim, but our luxury bus was awesome - we were totally refreshed when we arrived. The driver was a true professional, and an excellent guide, too. More than we ever expected from a bus tour. I've already RSVP'd my parents. Thanks for the tip.

~ Morris L., Vancouver, B.C.

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grand canyon coaches tours

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Grand Canyon Coaches

Grand Canyon Coaches is my #2 pick for best Grand Canyon bus tour. My last test ride with them was phenomenal. Pick up was right on time. The driver was courteous and knowledgeable. Multiple rest stops, including Hoover Dam. Package was a true "all inclusive" one, and included meals, park entrance fee, and more. In other words, NO hidden costs. Time at the park was a full three hours. Never once did I feel like I was being timed. The bus epitomized comfort - full-size chairs, perfect climate-control, smooth ride, on-boar TV's and more. GCC gets a huge thumbs up for the variety of it's trips and add-ons (Helicopter, Hummer, river rafting, and more). Unbeatable pricing gets even better if you book trip online. Read More...

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papillon grand canyon bus tours

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Papillon Bus Tours

Papillon is quickly climbing the ranks. This company, which also operates helicopter flights to the Canyon, is the best at customizing your tour packages. Horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, helicopter flights, ATV rides, Hummer name it, and Papillon can do it. The company is also super aggressive with it's pricing on the Internet. I've seen them drop retail rates up to 45 percent! Note: It's tempting to call their 800#, but don't. That discount you see online will vaporize. Last time I was at the Canyon I stepped inside one of their newest motor coaches - it was great breathing in that new "coach" smell...

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